I said blue was Dan’s colour, and oh how right I was. Also, seems like the flat shoes were part of the costume, because look at how LITTLE Amy is beside him. It’s particularly noticeable because Dan is centred in the shot – he’s kind of pushing her off to the side a bit.

I remember a post on twitter calling sudden hair changes a “white lady distress signal,” (which was one of those observations that made me laugh like a drain, because it is painfully accurate, but I’d never heard it expressed in those terms) so between that and the “bad relationship” style, I think it’s safe to say Amy is having a lot of FEELINGS. Note that she has her handbag placed between herself and Dan – a small block is better than none.

Dan’s 6.10 permastubble seems firmly in place – I wondered if they were going to keep that (and even eventually give him a beard) as a kind of sign that, at long last, Dan is being forced to mature.

I seem to remember that this scene was potentially on the chopping block (@casliyn?) – I assume they know the fandom will riot if that is the case.