rhrsoulmates:I spy Dan’s and Amy’s rooms. Also…


I spy Dan’s and Amy’s rooms. Also, ugh, Sophie. She better stay far away from Iowa – and Dan!

I wonder what the significance of “hard ceiling area” is – sounds like they’re building all the sets, so I wonder if they have to specify the ceilings in advance (though it seems unlikely to me that they could know in advance whether or not a ceiling would be likely to show up in the shot – that said I don’t know much about the technicalities of these things).

Sophie Facetime area would seem to indicate that we see someone talking to Sophie over Facetime, either from her point of view or theirs – which… by far the most likely person in that scenario has to be Amy, right?  (In other words, I think we can rest assured that she will not actually be in Iowa).  What I’m wondering is whether this is how Sophie works out who the Daddy is, because Dan is lurking in the background or something.