Inspired by casliyn’s lovely instagram …

Inspired by casliyn’s lovely instagram edit I’d like to request a prompt where Amy tells Dan about the baby and then proceeds to completely blank him out and frustrate and torture Dan to no extent…I really do love your take on them and it would be lovely to read your thoughts on this

Dear anon – see here: I’ve Been Ignored by Prettier Women Than You

This won’t be a one-chapter fic… I think it’ll stretch to at least three, maybe four.  It won’t be anywhere near as long as You Were Always On My Mind, that’s for sure, but it will be a lot lighter in tone.  (I have only so many pitch-black weepfests in me).

If anyone’s curious, I believe this is the instagram edit the anon was referring to.  It won’t exactly fit what @casliyn set up, but I think it will be fun all the same.