"DAN IS COMING AROUND" is such a sly…

"DAN IS COMING AROUND" is such a sly little carrot by the production team i cant wait to now what that means- is it the idea of amy as a forever, or the baby, or to start acting like a normal person and not a narcissistic borderline sociopath. So many possibilities so little information im lapping up everything theyre giving us and more

And David Mandel knows that, I assure you.

I think I remember talking before about how the Dan and Amy relationship is one of Veep’s main sources of narrative tension – and I think the fact that he shared that little note indicates that the writers are well aware of that fact.

As in, one of the hooks that keeps the audience coming back, episode after episode, is the hope that SOMETHING will happen, at long last. (If you’re wondering, this is why television is so addicted to will-they-won’t-theys. People may SAY they hate them, but viewing habits indicate otherwise).

My expectation is that the other big source of tension in season 7 will be the election – or to put it more bluntly, where Selina ends up. But at the moment, it’s almost impossible for the audience to speculate on that point – we don’t know enough about who’s running, what the political issues may be, how effectively (or, more likely, not) Selina’s new and improved team will work together…

Notice how very few of the Season 7 fics that have been written have given us a coherent political plot – I don’t think that’s a failing on the part of fic writers, I think it’s a sign that there simply isn’t much material for them to work with at this point. Whereas, with Dan and Amy, the audience knows enough to guess at the possibilities (as you just did, above).

For what it’s worth, my guess would be Dan slowly adjusting to the idea of the baby and Amy being part of his life – and ASSUMING that Amy will go along with all his plans, only to discover that she’s not exactly enthused by them, and he’s going to have to win her over somehow.

On the most basic level, I don’t think they can have him dilly-dally for more than an episode or two – yes, they constantly remind us that Dan is awful, but potentially abandoning his own child is SUCH a heinous thing to do, that they’d run a real risk of poisoning the audience against him entirely. (Like, at least Catherine is an adult, who could leave Selina behind if she wanted to – an infant is not going to have that option).

So, I think any prolonged reluctance is going to have to come from Amy, because giving it to Dan runs the risk of character assassination – and lord knows she has good reasons to be highly sceptical of any offers Dan might make. And if Amy ISN’T reluctant to be involved with him…how do they not end up in a serious relationship by, oh, the second episode? (Maybe the writers will do it, but it seems unlikely to me that they’d give up their source of tension that early in the game).

As for Dan, I think it’s safe to say that he will ALWAYS have narcissistic tendencies. And in point of fact, I don’t think it’s his narcissism that’s caused him the most problems – he managed to build a reasonably functional relationship with Amy in spite of it – but his short-termism. If he didn’t constantly prioritise immediate gratification over everything else, he and Amy probably would have worked things out much, much sooner in the timeline of the show.

Similarly, I think Dan will likely always have a tendency to be transactional in how he approaches relationships (of any kind), but if he develops to the point where he values relationships in and of themselves (which, I think we’ve seen signs of, albeit few and far between), that tendency becomes a lot less damaging.

In other words, if a Sophie-type opportunity were to arise again, I suspect Dan would choose differently, and not give Amy up a second – but I don’t think the KIND of calculation he would put into the decision would be substantially different. And in fact, I don’t think it matters so much, provided he makes the right choice.