i was just rewatching 3×04 and Dan's in t…

i was just rewatching 3×04 and Dan's in this weekly poker game is that tell for some facet of his character or am i over-reading because i think they mention it only once

It’s one of these character details that feels a bit…convenient, I must say. Because on the one hand, Dan does seem exactly he kind of person who would be good at poker – he’s already an expert bluffer, he’s a convincing actor, and he’s smart enough to calculate the odds in his head.

But on the other hand…the idea of Dan having an entire group of friends (for lack of a better term) with whom he meets regularly doesn’t sit terribly well with, I don’t know, anything else about the character. There’s also a line in 3.08 about him having “a buddy” in some baseball-affiliated organisation, that I’ve sometimes wondered about.

He doesn’t have the kind of personality that’s good at sustaining ongoing relationships, because, on the most basic level, he’s not that interested in other people. The only two lasting relationships we’ve seen him have are with Jonah – who’s too oblivious to realise Dan doesn’t like him – and Amy, who seems to be an exception to SOME of Dan’s rules (though even then, it’s safe to say it is a…fraught relationship – and certainly not one that either of them intended to become emotionally intimate).

He’s much better at managing the kind of collegiate relationships he has with Ben or Selina or Kent, I think because those relationships already tend to be somewhat transactional, meaning Dan’s tendencies in that direction do much less damage. (This makes me wonder if Dan went to the weekly drinks session all the other male staffers go to in 3.07 – I think it’s a safe assumption Amy didn’t).

So, possibly, the poker game is more of a professional networking session than relaxation among friends – though you really have to wonder about anyone WANTING Dan to attend – he’s so wildly untrustworthy, people would have had to know there was a strong possibility of his using the opportunity to screw them over.