hey i was being a little bit stalkery and goin…

hey i was being a little bit stalkery and going through your veep tags and just love that you notice dan and amys height difference as well- i thought you would be entertained to know that in 4×08 when gary comes to bribe dan and amy that theres a literal shot where amy is about the height of dans shoulder, positively shorter- they dont even show dan's head in the shot its just amy and dans shoulder (IN CASUALS MIGHT I ADD) this has been a psa thank you

I’m just glad the tags are useful! Though I admit my use of them may be somewhat… idiosyncratic. (I wish there was a way to tag asks as I answer them, because I’d probably be more consistent if I wasn’t always adding them retrospectively).

I think Veep has kind of an odd thing where, because we largely see the cast in suits/professional wear, them showing up in casual clothing has the same impact on the audience as, in another show, it does when someone wears a tuxedo.

I think – though I could well be wrong – that that is one of the only scenes we get where the height difference between them is really emphasised for a positive reason. As in, usually they give us shots of ‘huge Dan’ versus ‘tiny Amy’ to make Amy look vulnerable and Dan more intimidating (notice that in season six, when Dan is slowly insinuating his way back into Amy’s life, they’re always shot when sitting down, minimising the height difference – right up until Amy tells him about the pregnancy, at which point they go right back to emphasising Dan’s height as much as possible).

Whereas in this scene, if anything, I think they’re using it to indicate a level of comfort on Amy’s part. As in, we usually see her in tight pencil skirts and sky-high heels, but in this scene she’s wearing jeans, flat shoes and a loose fitting jumper. In the past, Amy had worked hard to project a certain kind of image – and especially around Dan – but here she’s letting go of all of that and allowing herself to be truly comfortable around him.

She’s relaxed in a way we very rarely see her be – and I think it’s notable that the shot that really shows us how much taller Dan is, has him standing BEHIND her. When they want him to look intimidating (see in 5.03, 6.10 and even a little bit in 5.02 in the door scene) they put him in front of Amy, kind of looming over her, overwhelming her in the shot, so that Dan’s body takes up the majority of the screen, crowding Amy into the corners. Whereas here, he’s behind Amy – she’s still the centre of the shot, but Dan takes up the entire background – he is, quite literally, able to catch her if she falls.

Not that Amy is in need of rescuing, necessarily, but Dan is playing that kind of supportive role in her life at this point of the show – unaware of it though they both may be. They’re also extremely well coordinated in this scene – the navy blue of Dan’s hoodie matching the lace on Amy’s jumper, and both wearing jeans – they really do look like a couple out for the afternoon. As much as everything about Gary’s involvement in the scheme is ridiculous (Ben really couldn’t find ANYONE else?) that he jumped to Dan and Amy as parents as the cover story is understandable given how they’re dressed (just how many lines about the two of them as parents have there BEEN over the course of the show?)

On a side note, I love how much of a DICK Dan is to Gary all through this scene – and the way Amy nods along all the way through. I think Anna Chlumsky once said that Dan often says or does things that Amy wants to but can’t, and I think that really shows here. (I’m so curious about the photos Gary sent Dan – of what? And why? And how is Gary surprised that Dan didn’t reply/doesn’t care?)