I went to see Antman and the Wasp today. I don’t have much to say about it – Paul Rudd is preternaturally charming, San Francisco looks beautiful, seeing a Marvel HEROINE truly step up was both fun and…slightly outdated. (I feel like the treatment of women in Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones and Wonder Woman outclasses this considerably).

But remember I commented on Bradley Whitford having become the embodiment of white male privilege? Well in this trailer ( he plays the President. Who is apparently locking children up in concentration camps. (I’d make a joke about art mirroring life, but honestly…it’s too sad).

I also saw the trailer for Venom, which 1) Tom Harry’s accent is making ME twitchy, which makes me think it must be truly, truly terrible 2) the character design for Venom is just…gross, and 3) will these super villains never learn? Experimenting on humans in order to live out one’s terrifying misunderstanding of Darwin (with a lot of Ayn Rand thrown in there) literally NEVER ends well. That’s the theme of more than half of all science-fiction. T

I sense that both of these may be airplane films for me, as despite the best efforts of casting directors (Venom’s cast is damn impressive, to be fair) and special effects teams, neither looks remotely interesting. (though I have a weakness for films set in San Francisco, so Venom may win me over).