I had a dream about s7 and went horribly and I…

I had a dream about s7 and went horribly and I just needed to vent – dan was horrible horrible to Amy even after finding about the pregnancy and she just finally ups and leaves and god I hated it but I realised that they just started shooting s7 while I was dreaming so I didn’t panic as much- I just needed to tell someone this thanks for listening goodnight

Oh anon. I’ll do my best to take the pain away!

I think it’s important to remember the kind of show Veep is. As in, while (as always) I am not a psychic, I really doubt they would go for a story as straightforwardly awful as Amy and her child being mistreated by Dan to the point where she flees in despair.

Like, where do you find the comedy (even the black comedy) in that story? An infant being abandoned by one of its parents is not something that can be made funny in any story that is attempting to be vaguely realistic in terms of human psychology. (If Veep was going for straight-out absurdism, that would be a different thing, but they never have and I doubt they’ll start now).

More to the point, while Dan IS horrible and always will be, I think it would be slightly out of character. As ghastly as his behaviour towards Amy was all through season five, it really was at least partially unconscious.

Don’t get me wrong. If he HAD known about Amy’s text messages, that she’d put herself out there again, I think he would have been completely insufferable. I think he would have preened himself and lorded Amy’s attraction to him over her head at every opportunity, and he might even have hit the point of being genuinely cruel about it (though not, I think, intentionally). But what he WOULDN’T have done is take the sledgehammer to Amy’s self-confidence that he did in canon.

At least, I don’t think so. I think he would have been too flattered and pleased about the whole thing to give into his more obnoxious tendencies – I’ve mentioned many times that I think his behaviour in 5.03 is close to unforgivable, because he is knowingly cruel to Amy (in a way we haven’t seen before or since), but that is a direct (and hugely disproportionate) reaction to her rejecting him. After that point he seems to try to move pass the whole thing, whether by joking about it or just refusing to talk about it (unsurprisingly, neither approach works).

Dan may be lacking in empathy, but he is very far from being stupid, and I think he would have worked out – really quite quickly – just how upset Amy actually was, however much she tried to hide it. And as a general rule, looking over the show as a whole, it’s safe to say that Dan does not like to see Amy in genuine distress. Now maybe it’s different when her emotional reaction is BECAUSE of him – maybe he gets off on the evidence that she LIKES him, enjoys it too much – but I think even that pleasure would diminish over time, especially if he realised Amy had started to hide from him as a direct result. (In canon, he doesn’t seem to have had that realisation until after Amy ditched Buddy – that she dumped Buddy and immediately ran across country probably clued Dan in as to what her doing the same thing to him implied about her feelings).

In other words, I’m convinced that Dan lacking the crucial piece of information about Amy’s motivations was what…allowed him to be so terrible to her in season 5.

That’s not going to be the case now. Like, yes, he still doesn’t know about the text messages – though he may well get clued into that in season 7, we don’t know – but he knows Amy well enough that I think he can work out a solid 90% of what’s driving her. Notice that after she tells him about the pregnancy he immediately goes to stand with her – it would be understandable if, under the circumstances, he wanted to get a stiff drink first, but I think he probably knew that Amy needed him with her. Not because they were going to talk about things – but because she was probably so tense and wound up at the prospect of telling him, that having him right beside her probably helped her maintain her composure.

Don’t get me wrong. Dan will be horrible in season 7 – that’s a given, and I wouldn’t be totally surprised if there is at least one more fuck-up in his future – but I don’t think he will be, in your phrase “horrible horrible.”

What I am more concerned about is the prospect of us getting an undefined ending for them – as in, maybe they’re together, maybe not, maybe Dan is still sleeping around, and Amy still thinks he doesn’t care about her, because he’s assumed that, with the baby in play, he never has to express himself emotionally, and she’s stuck with him because of the kid…

The idea of Amy co-parenting with someone who continually messes with her emotionally seems incredibly depressing to me. But it also seems more like the kind of ending Veep might go for. And frankly, I think I’d prefer your scenario, if I had to choose between the two.