So maybe, maybe coming off the pill the week before I move house wasn’t the BEST choice.

Not that I had a choice, mind you, it was a medical decision, but still.

On the plus side, I did the calculations and realised that, if I do go back to my old job, I’ll be making roughly £300 a month overtime, so the financials aren’t as terrible as I thought. (On the negative side, that £300 represents maybe HALF of all the overtime I worked in that job… maybe I really should try amazon self-publishing, and develop an income that isn’t dependent on so many 5am starts).

I’m due to move next Tuesday, and I have no words for how much I’m looking forward to getting everything unpacked and not having to think about this stuff for a while.

My reward for all of this will be going to see the Meg, because that film looks GLORIOUSLY stupid. I’ve really warmed to Jason Statham since seeing Spy.