casliyn: GUYS. It’s really happening!!!! 😭 …


GUYS. It’s really happening!!!! 😭

It’s a very neat illustration of how different Selina’s colour palette is from Amy’s – it’s heavily dominated by red and black, with yellows, oranges, grey and royal blue making up the rest of it.

Note that even in season 6, when Selina is visibly depressed, her clothing continues to be vibrant and colourful. Some things never change, and Selina wanting to be the centre of attention is one of them.

Whereas the use of colour in Amy’s wardrobe seems to be directly linked to her level of confidence – when she’s riding high and sure of herself we see her in a range of blues and greens and pinks and purples, with the occasional black (which is to be expected – EVERYONE wears black sometimes) – but when she isn’t, when she is withdrawing into herself (for whatever reason), we start to see a lot more black, navy blue, grays and browns.

One way in which they are similar is that they don’t tend to wear patterns very often – there’s only printed dress on that rail, and it’s the dress Selina wore for her interview with Dan, her first attempt to put herself out there after losing the election, and one it’s safe to say she had mixed feelings about. Compare it to Amy wearing patterned blouses and dresses at moments of emotional turmoil (albeit, turmoil that is often repressed, at some cost to Amy’s emotional well-being).