luke-skywalker: I can’t move against Grindelw…


I can’t move against Grindelwald


This is so minor, but…what have they done to Lambeth Bridge?

Because in the fifth gif – that is not Lambeth Bridge. I ought to know – I have to cycle over the damn thing every single day, and Lambeth Bridge is not flat. Lambeth Bridge has an arch, making it an absolute nightmare to cycle over, especially as they put a set of traffic lights just before you start the climb, meaning that half the time you have to cycle UP-hill from a standing stop (not that I’m bitter) (or thinking that one of the benefits of moving will be not having to cycle over Lambeth Bridge any more).

I’m genuinely curious why they changed the bridge – if anything, the view from the top of the Lambeth Bride arch is probably better than the one they have here. (Also, there’s some strange forced perspective trickery happening here – the Victoria Tower isn’t THAT much taller than the Elizabeth Tower (the one with Big Ben), at least…not from that angle).