Hi! Reading your musings on a "sequel&quo…

Hi! Reading your musings on a "sequel" to your great what-if "All's Well That Ends Well", isn't the "offer" Dan mentions the CBS mini tv thing that shows in the taxi cab? His extremely strong reaction to it–clearly he finds it humiliating to watch–and his call to Ben immediately afterward make it seem like seeing himself in a cab prompted him to realize the "offer" is not worth it. Just a thought! Love your Dan/Amy what-ifs 🙂


It’s been a while since I’ve watched that episode, so I may be entirely wrong, but I think Dan mentions something about MSNBC?

In any case, I am reasonably positive that the offer can’t be for the cab video, for the simple reason that Dan has already recorded it. He’d hardly be going to a meeting about an opportunity he’d already taken advantage of?

Though, what gives me pause here is that I have a feeling that episode was chopped up a lot in the editing room. When I was writing the costume analysis, I noticed a continuity…goof, I guess. Amy wears a dark blue dress with a red pattern when she tells Selina about the diary being published, when they try to work out a way to manipulate Leon, and, of course, when she meets Dan and Ben in the bar.

But there’s a scene in the middle of that, where they’re backstage at the Tonight Show, and Amy wears a different outfit. Now either Amy got changed in the middle of the day before going to the studio, and then changed again when they went back to the office, (all of which seems rather unlikely), or the order of events in the episode was changed and the showrunners hoped we wouldn’t notice.

So, it’s possible that their original intent was to imply that Dan’s meeting was about the taxi-gig, but on balance, I think it’s unlikely. I just can’t see Dan turning down Ben and Kent for THAT job. It seems more likely to me that the taxi job was part of Dan’s demotion at CBS – Jane was banished to the website, but he was sent somewhere even worse.

That said, I do also wonder if part of his frustration that evening had to do with Amy – because she didn’t show up at the bar for a possible second round (which we know he would have wanted) – and so he was already in a…wound-up state when he got into the cab.