For the asks, numbers 1, 40 & 49.

For the asks, numbers 1, 40 & 49.

1) How old were you when you first starting writing fanfiction?

Oh…late teens, I think?  There is quite a lot of my Harry Potter fic around the internet (like everyone else from that period).  Mind you, I didn’t write fic for a long, long time – ten years or more – and only re-started because I was horrifically blocked on an original piece, Dan and Amy kind of ate my brain… and there was so little fic for them.

40) Do people know you write fanfiction?

Virtually none of my friends are ‘fandom’y people, so no – they don’t understand why I enjoy analysing a story to death.  I think fanfiction is probably more socially acceptable now than it was when I started writing it, though that may just be a sign that I move in different circles now.  

49) Can you remember the first fic you read? What was it about?

No idea, not the slightest clue.  Chance’s are it was probably a Lord of the Rings fic though, as that was the first story where I was really and truly dissatisfied with a plot element.  (I don’t care how much sense the Arwen-Aragorn love story supposedly makes when you’ve read the Simarillion, having your hero end up with a character he has never had a significant conversation with within the story is terrible narrative construction).