46) I really loved your what might have been -…

46) I really loved your what might have been – ch 4. All's Well That Ends Well !!! If you were ever to do a sequel, what do you think might happen in it? lots of love!!

I hadn’t really thought of that, but…

Well, I guess it depends what happens with Dan and CBS.  Amy being married to Dan would probably not affect the way Selina’s plotline – such as it is – in season 6 unfolds, although having Amy involved from the get-go might have meant things like the book and the foundation progressed faster (or not.  There were a lot of external factors that kept Selina spinning her wheels).  

Of course, in All’s Well, I had Amy go to work for a consultancy, which it’s possible she might have genuinely enjoyed – but it seems likely to me that she would go back to Selina for a Presidential run, if she was asked (and Selina’s so dependent on her staff, and so fond of familiarity, that I think that was the likely outcome).  

Now, if Dan was happily married, after a very public elopement, I’m not sure he’d have been anywhere near as useful for Jane’s purposes, though who knows… seducing him away from his younger wife may well have been a better story, from Jane’s point of view.

At the end of season 6, it seems like Dan could have stayed in broadcasting if he’d wanted to – he tells Ben he has an offer, and the show doesn’t give us any reason to doubt that – so even if Jane eventually had him sacked (in this AU timeline), he probably could have gone somewhere else if he’d wanted to. 

It’s just…would he want to?  We’re not given a huge amount of information about why Dan chooses to go in with Ben and Kent, but I can’t help but think that power has a lot to do with it.  Because, odd though it might seem, Dan spends most of season 6 effectively powerless – Jane being fired and Jane returning both happen because of decisions that are made well over his head.  (Oh, and on a personal level, Amy abandoned him and only started talking to him again when she felt like it, and not before).  

As much as Dan’s time in D.C. was spent in a perpetual panic of relentless fuck-up-ery, he at least had the sense of exerting power over his professional life.  You know, he chose to run Jonah’s campaign for Congress, he manipulated Congressmen into voting against the Families First Bill and so on and so forth.  He had leverage, and at CBS he never really had any.  

And it seems unlikely to me that he ever would have reached a position where he got the kind of power Jane has.  Because one quality that Dan is almost entirely lacking is warmth, and I can’t help but suspect that the audiences watching him on CBS This Morning picked up on that.  You know the best TV anchors – the ones people remember as reassuring, comforting presences, even in the midst of dreadful events – have the ability to…I don’t know, embody the audience’s horror.  Think of Rachel Maddow tearing up over imprisoned children, or Seth Myers’ speech the day after Trump’s election, or Trevor Noah after the Access Hollywood tape came out (Noah mostly doesn’t work for me, because he generally seems quite detached, but I thought he was quite effective on that issue).

Jane sparked a bit of emotion out of him because he disliked her so much, but absent of that, I think he was probably a bit of dud on-screen – he apparently didn’t have any chemistry with Brie on-air (or really off-air, as far as we saw) (which…does not speak well of Dan’s personality, if even a woman he’s in an ongoing sexual relationship with can’t seem emotionally engaged with him).  Quite likely, the one moment in his whole time at CBS where Dan seemed relatabley human was when interviewed Amy and Buddy.

So, if the offer came up again, to get back into politics and work for Selina, I can see Dan going for it for very similar reasons as he did in the show itself – it would allow him to work with Amy again, and… well, for all they’re both so abrasive and supposedly lacking in emotion… they really do enjoy spending a lot of time together.