Hi Maev! I’m sorry to hear about your ho…

Hi Maev! I’m sorry to hear about your housing predicament. Good luck! Having a place to yourself is more expensive but from my experience, living alone is GLORIOUS.

Thank you. I really hope you’re right!

It’s been a rough week. I found a flat – a flat I genuinely liked, somewhere I could see myself living, and not too far from the tube – transferred the holding deposit, started to think about how to plan the move…and was told six hours later that my contract, which I had been assured would be extended for two years, will now end in September.

It was a big shock.

Now, it doesn’t mean I’ll be unemployed. But it does mean I’m looking at a substantial loss of income. (It also doesn’t help that the same day, I found out my father was assaulted when he intervened in an attempted robbery, and had to go to hospital. He is recovering, but is very shaken up, understandably).

I have decided (I think – as in, sometimes I get a cold fist of ‘this is insane’ in my stomach) to go ahead and rent the new flat anyway. Which may be the most unwise financial decision I’ve ever made, but… I’ve been living out of one room for five years, and I think it’s time to make a change – even if it does mean things like holidays will become basically impossible.

It is the financial element of it all that really worries me – London is not a cheap place to live – but the thought of having my OWN space at long last…it is, as you say, glorious.

It also doesn’t help that London has been baking hot all week, and my flat (built post-War, I suspect on the cheap) is effectively an oven. House-moving is always traumatic in my experience (I’ve moved nine times in nearly twelve years, and every single move has been unpleasant in its own unique way), but racing around the city trying to do viewings (and meet estate agents, who are undoubtedly the lowest of the low) in thirty degree heat (centigrade not Fahrenheit) is all but unbearable. Getting on the tube feels like walking into a very grimy sauna right now.

I’ve been freaked out and on edge all week, and the heat is not helping – which is why I went to sit in my favourite part of Battersea Park and read Cold Comfort Farm all afternoon. Flora’s rather…robust attitude towards personal problems was probably exactly what I needed.