I love all your stories, I was just wondering …

I love all your stories, I was just wondering what your favourite head-canons are for Dan and Amy. Do you have any that have no evidence from the show but that you are absolutely convinced on?

Amy Brookheimer is an angry-crier. And the more she cries the more aware she is of how ridiculous she looks and the angrier she becomes…which makes her cry even more.

The show hasn’t given us much of anything to go on about their back story, but I’m convinced that Dan was starting to develop some kind of emotional attachment to Amy when they dated – but didn’t for one minute let that get in the way of his using her (he may very well never have accurately identified what he was feeling). I think people have a tendency to make him far too sympathetic when they imagine their backstory – in my book, loving someone, and using them anyway, because that’s more convenient, is close to unforgivable.

EVERYONE KNOWS. Everyone. People they’ve only just met and people they’ve known for years on end, all of them know exactly what’s going on. Literally the only person who will be surprised is Richard. Even CATHERINE won’t pay them the courtesy of seeming surprised.

Somewhere deep, deep down, Jonah is genuinely smitten with Amy, and would give anything to have her romantic attention. He’s just so compulsively obnoxious and prone to sexual harassment that he’s never going to be able to express that desire to her in a manner she can accept. He’s going to be hugely jealous of Dan – and possibly even a little angry at him, for being willing to throw it all away.

Jonah and Sophie is a match made in hell.

Andrew hit on Amy at some point – something she will never, ever tell Selina – but which underpins her aggressive disdain for him.

Amy wore her heart on her sleeve a lot more when she was younger – one can be politically cynical but emotionally sheltered, which is how I tend to imagine her – and it was obvious to everyone, Dan included, that she flat out adored him. Which made it all the more devastating when Dan blindsided her with his true nature – and which is what Dan, though he will never, ever admit it, has been trying to get BACK ever since. He had a taste of being genuinely loved (and Dan is such an awful person, that’s got to be a rare experience for him) and heartless though he is, he’s never really gotten over it. He’s just a much better actor than she is.

Dan’s never had his heart broken. Amy might have grazed it when she ditched him and ran off to Nevada, but that’s as close as he’s come. He still doesn’t understand just how HURTFUL romantic rejection can be, and how it can cripple someone’s confidence.

Dan found Jonah’s endless attempts to hit on Amy, and her equally endless rejection of him, a constant ego-boost. She’d never rejected DAN after all.

I think Amy’s comment about Dan being bad at foreplay is probably true – for whatever reason, I don’t think he was quite as smooth as he usually is the first time they had sex. Which made the whole thing seem more real, in an odd way.