Hi, it's anon asking about Ireland tips. …

Hi, it's anon asking about Ireland tips. I was anon because my tumblr is not interesting😁 and I haven't rebloged/posted anything recently…. I am from Poland so I think me and my friends will blend in rather well… We are renting a car so for sure we will get to see all the things you have mentioned. Thank you so much for all your recommendations. I really appriciate your effort. If you ever plan to visit Poland and need a guide, do not hesitate to ask me.

It was my pleasure. And having a car will make things much easier, especially if you want to go to some of the more remote areas. I will flag one minor issue though – once you get very far out West, the roads are uniformly pretty bumpy.

As in, if you suffer at all from travel sickness, that may be an issue. I know the goverment’s been trying to fix it over the last ten years or so, but the land out there is either mountains or bog, so…you could be the most talented civil engineer on the planet, and the road would still be bumpy. But I promise, the landscape is so beautiful, it’s definitely worth it.

And I agree, as a Pole, you will most certainly blend in – I think there are more Polish living in Ireland than any other nationality (or maybe they’re second after the English), so people may well assume you’re local. Polish supermarkets are reasonably common in Dublin at least.

I have actually been to Poland – Krakow, specifically, which is a beautiful city (and where I had my first ever pierogi) – but that was in 2003, which I think predates Poland joining the EU (I’m positive I got a stamp in my passport when I went there, which wouldn’t happen now), and I imagine it’s very different now.