LOVED the epilogue for ‘You Were Always …

LOVED the epilogue for ‘You Were Always on My Mind’ IT WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE. Not to mention I LOVED the little lines about image management and Dan using Instagram, I squealed in excitement! (You’re making me want to do an epilogue chapter for ‘ambitchious’ now 😫🤦🏾‍♀️)

Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I am absolutely certain Dan would want to use his pretty blonde wife and wholesome family to their best effect – which I think Amy would cooperate with, as long as he didn’t do anything too egregious.

Plotting out You Were Always On My Mind – particularly how to pace out the changes in their relationship in tandem with the election campaign – took a long time, and most of what was in the epilogue were things that, for one reason or another, I had to cut to get the story into a shape I was happy with. In other words, there’s nothing in the epilogue that I HADN’T considered including in the main story at some point.

Which is a little different from Ambitchious, I think? The ending of which (and I say this in the spirit of constructive critique) felt a little unresolved. As in, I felt like we could drop in on them again in five years and they’d still be having the same argument – they hadn’t really come to terms with the idea that, however much they might love each other, they weren’t ever going to be together. (For me, at least, I think it’s the fact that they’d had sex right before the scene with the necklace – which was very sweet). I’m guessing that was intentional though, that sense of leaving us hanging? (I should say, one of my favourite love stories is Eugene Onegin, where the couple love each other passionately, but accept that they will never be together – it’s a very workable angle).

So an epilogue to Ambitchious would feel more like a direct continuation than this one, I think.

That said, I ALWAYS want to read more fic about them (there are so many unfinished fics in the tag, it makes me sad – especially the more recent ones).