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@thebookofmaev regarding Mark McKinney’s voice on Superstore. I suspect he thought the show would get cancelled fast, did a voice to amuse himself and then got stuck with it. He had good reason, at the time NBC was canceling most of their sitcoms, it was a mid season replacement and the episode order was cut by two episodes while it was in production before airing.

I haven’t seen Slings and Arrows yet, but I am a huge fan of his old sketch comedy group the Kids in the Hall, so I know 1) how much he likes doing voices and 2) saw their tour from before the show came out which ended with his most famous character, the Head Cruncher roasting the whole troupe for having disappointing careers. I think this says something about his head space before the show went into production. Also if you’re unfamiliar with KITH, you might like seeing a cast member from Hannibal and memorable Veep guest star get roasted. 

(I’m waiting for a KITH member, preferably Bruce McCullough, to appear on Superstore.)

Slings and Arrows is my favourite television show ever made – with its focus on theatre and the artistic struggles it involves, it could practically have been written for me.  I am constantly trying to sell it to my offline friends, because it is so painfully accurate about what that life is like.

That might be why I… can’t stop noticing how odd his voice sounds, because I know how he sounds normally, and he seems to be speaking almost an octave higher than is comfortable.  And, while I think he does good work in Superstore, it would be a shame to me if that’s what he becomes properly known for – his acting in Slings and Arrows is far more nuanced and subtle (because it has to be),

I’ve never seen the Kids in the Hall – it didn’t cross the atlantic (to my knowledge), so it’s become a bit like the original Armando Iannucci show to me – something I catch through occasional youtube clips.