What character interactions on VEEP do you thi…

What character interactions on VEEP do you think have been under-severed an you think the final season needs to address.

Oddly enough, I’m not someone who thinks the Dan and Amy relationship was shafted in season 6 – Amy being subdued and stand-offish with him made complete sense given everything that had happened in season 5, and I had assumed well before the season started that any interactions they had would be pretty limited. I don’t expect that to be the case in season 7.

The big one for me is Dan and Selina, because they haven’t had a significant interaction – as in, a conversation where both are on screen for longer than fifteen seconds – since season 3. (Though the phone call where Selina “tore him a six pack of new assholes” WAS fun). It’s a shame too, because I always found their weird little mutual admiration society kind of endearing – they are terrible for each other in many ways, reinforcing each other’s worst qualities, and yet…they really do GET each other. Look at the way Dan hugs her in 2.10, or how she grabs his hands in 3.10 when they’re celebrating…he’s actually more physically affectionate with Selina than Amy is, and, unusually for Dan, I don’t think that’s manipulation. (On a side note, Dan is the only staff member that Selina ever seemed able to manage effectively, I think because she knows all his handles).

I’d also like to see Amy and Kent have some more scenes, because Anna Chlumsky and Gary Cole have had really nice chemistry in all the scenes they’ve shared – which haven’t been many. For similar reasons, I’d really like to get Mike and Dan in a scene together again.

For character reasons, I would also kill to get Amy in a scene with Tom James – now that we know he was in love with Selina, the character similarities are HUGE. I have no idea if Chlumsky and Hugh Laurie have good chemistry – but in pure character terms, it seems like Amy and Tom James should have an almost instant rapport. They both ran away from narcissistic brunettes, and into marriages with blondes who not-so-secretly bore them to tears. (The show would need to get Hugh Laurie back for this to be a possibility though, and who knows if that will be possible – but to see him and Selina run against each other would be a treat).

And please for the love of god less Catherine – and ESPECIALLY less of the ugly-crying, that became such a tiresome schtick. (In fairness, I really like Sarah Sutherland – it’s the writing I object to, rather than her performance).

And also less Andrew – unless they bring him back so Selina can launch him directly into the sun. That I would be fine with.