I love the fact that you made Amy and dan co m…

I love the fact that you made Amy and dan co managers in the new chapter- it seems like the most logical things to do and a sure shot way to atleast some success maybe veep should hire you as one of the writers you’d definitely do a better job than Mandel’s people tbh

I think at that point in the show – absent a kind of “can open, worms everywhere” event (which the unplanned make-out in the bathroom was – and let’s be real, if Sue hadn’t interrupted a lot more than kissing would have ensued) – they were both far too competitive to ever share the role that way.

It’s a real example of how the macho, hierarchical environment of politics prevents people from being effective, because looking back over the show, Selina is most successful politically when Dan and Amy are on the same page and working together well – a pattern no one on the team ever seems to have recognised.  

Dan, in particular, probably needed a bit of a humbling before he was ready to work with Amy properly and be her number two and attack dog (the role he eventually slips into, seemingly instinctively, in 5.01-4).