hey i was the anon that send the parks and rec…

hey i was the anon that send the parks and rec prompt! gotta be honest, i had forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise and a good thing to read first thing on monday mornig! i love the fic, thank you <3

Dear anon,

First of all…thank you for taking the time to let me know.  When you’ve written something on request (for lack of a better term) it’s even nicer to know that the person you wrote it for enjoyed it.

And while it may take me a while to get there, I never delete a prompt.  If I think for some reason that I can’t write it – because it’s out of character or wouldn’t suit my writing – I try to say so immediately, not leave someone hanging on.  

But I keep all the others until such time as I’m ready to write them – in this case, because I agree, The Fight is one of the best episodes Parks and Rec ever did, and retooling it to fit the…much less pleasant-spirited Veep was a bit of a challenge!˚