I adored your latest update to Behind the Scen…

I adored your latest update to Behind the Scenes. Your depiction of Dan being relatively nice and sporting that lovely beard we all know and love made me so swoony. And to echo what another commenter said, it is always so sweet to read how Amy grows to actually like Dan. Excellent job as always!

Perhaps we’ll get lucky, and Dan’s beard will make a reappearance in season 7 – it seems to be universally approved of. (I should say, I actually think that’s possible – if they do a time jump, a really quick and easy way to illustrate it would be to change characters’ looks. In which case I’d lay money that there’s a chance we’ll see Amy with Anna Chlumsky’s natural waves, instead of her usual pin-straight hair).

Debate is – hands down – my favourite episode of the show, so I was always a bit reluctant to take it on – worrying, I guess, that I wouldn’t be able to make anything good enough to fit it, especially as what I was writing this time was very…internal, tied into Amy’s thought processes, rather than being expressed through dialogue. (I’d also note that is an incredibly funny episode (every time I see Danny Chung try not to laugh at the plug hole I lose it) with pretty minimal profanity or use of sexist/racist language. And it even allows Selina to display a base level of competence. Mandel and his writers should put this episode on repeat).

But the first time I watched it I found Nice!Dan to be deeply, deeply unnerving – I have never been so relieved to hear a character deliver a foul-mouthed insult. At the same time, this episode kind of illustrates why I find Dan to be reprehensible on a much deeper level than Jonah or Furlong, because that he is actually CAPABLE of being a warm, kind, decent man…he just chooses not to be, because being irredeemably selfish is easier and more immediately gratifying. Jonah is congenitally obnoxious – Dan is obnoxious by choice. (Poor Amy).