Selina Meyer, backstory

So, it turns out there’s a timeline on the Veep wiki, which has made me excessively happily, especially because of this little morsel:

Selina’s backstory has never entirely made sense to me, but some of it falls a bit more

into place having access to this information.  She tells Catherine she is forty-eight in Tehran, which takes place in spring/summer 2016, meaning she was first elected when she was about 30.  

Now even assuming Selina was some kind of savant, it seems unlikely to me that she could have completed degrees at Smith and Yale in less than seven years (and that’s probably an underestimate).  Meaning, at her youngest, she would have been about 25 when she started working as a lawyer (in 1993).  (An American may be able to enlighten me here – is passing the bar something she’d have done at law school, or would she have had to do it later?). 

So, at most, she would have had about four/five years at a law firm, before being elected to Congress.  Which…doesn’t seem like much, but it’s not nothing.  (We’ve never heard what kind of law Selina practised, have we?  It would be interesting to know, though I’d lean towards something pretty corporate).  I still think the timeline is too tight mind you – especially as Selina also found time to get married and have Catherine during this period.  (Cramming for the bar while heavily pregnant – and married to Andrew – sounds absolutely hellish).

This also answers a question I’d wondered about regarding Amy – assuming her graduation date is 2007 (though I have questions about that, as it seems likely Amy did some kind of post-graduate degree), than that summer is the earliest point at which she could have started working for Selina, though I tend to suspect that she had interned in her office or something before then.  

For what it’s worth, my speculation would be that, assuming Amy did do a Masters or other post-grad degree, it’s more likely that she started working for Selina in 2008, in the run up to her Senate re-election campaign.  If Amy did well in the campaign (and she would almost have had to, especially in comparison to Mike), I think it’s reasonable to assume Selina decided to keep her on.  

This would mean Amy’s line to Dan about having worked with Selina for a “third of her life” is somewhat off – the longest she could have worked for Selina is eight or nine years – but chalk it up to hyperbole.