Unpopular Opinions: ’Veep’ Edition

reblog/comment with your unpopular opinions.

I don’t know how unpopular these are, but:

1. Catherine’s ugly cry isn’t funny.  
2. Catherine is no where as interesting as the writers think she is.
3. While Tony Hale is a treasure, and his chemistry with Julia Louis-Dreyfus is delightful, the bottom of the barrel has been well and truly scraped when it comes to Gary and Selina.
4. I don’t want to know any more about Kent’s possible relationship with Sue – I think the way it was set up in the show, with all the characters being in the dark along with the audience, was much too good a gag to ruin by filling us in.
5. Richard is only funny in small doses.  (He is very funny in small doses, mind you, but still).
6. I think Candi Caruso perpetually making Amy feel inadequate is a gag that could work (and even be quite revealing about Amy’s state of mind) if the writers acknowledged that it’s at least as much about Candi’s professional success as anything else.