yeeeessss!!!! I am so happy for irland in gene…

yeeeessss!!!! I am so happy for irland in general, but I am glad for you too! I am glad you are not disapointed in something so important that means so much to you

Thank you!

It would have been unbearably disappointing if the vote had gone the other way. I’ve been thinking about moving back to Ireland (semi-seriously), but I honestly don’t think I could have if the vote had gone the other way.

It feels like the entire country has shaken off an enormous weight – the Kerry Babies, Ann Lovett, Miss X, the Tuam Babies, the laundries, the homes, the schools, Savita Hallapanavar… there is a collective agreement that we are not going to allow that suffering to continue, not any more.

Walking around Dublin the last few days before the referendum, I was confident that Repeal would pass – but I never expected that it would pass with an even greater mandate than Same Sex Mandate – the mere idea seemed laughable.

I will never forget how angry and ashamed I was when I heard how Savita had been left to die, because of the Eighth Amendment. In fact, I don’t think I will ever stop being ashamed – she was an immigrant who settled in Ireland, who wanted to give back to our health service and build a better life…and we let her die, in agony.

I’d attended political protests before, but on that day, for the very first time I went alone – I went to the Irish embassy in London and joined the protest, because it felt like an obligation.

Not having a vote made me feel powerless, not matter what I did, so I cannot describe my relief that ultimately…it wasn’t needed.