“You stay alive…You’re strong. You survive. You stay alive no matter what occurs. I will find you…no matter how long it takes, no matter how far. I will find you.”

— Last of the Mohicans (via gipsyeleven)

Have I ever mentioned that I love this film? Partly because of the care and attention it gives to the Native Americans and their various points of view (I can’t think, off hand, of another film that allows Native characters to HAVE differing viewpoints). The film absolutely accepts that for many, many peoples the establishment of America was a tragedy and slow motion genocide, without beating the audience over the head with that fact – the scene with the tribal elder (I think he’s Huron?) says all that needs to be said on that point.

But also, I must admit, I love that the film is totally unafraid to wear its heart prominently on its sleeve – the scene where Hawkeye bellows his declaration of love over the sound of a tumbling waterfall SHOULD be utterly ludicrous, and yet somehow it isn’t. The film is capital R Romantic – it never feels the need to mock its own emotionality or create an ironic distance – it has big, operatic feelings, and yet the visuals are so strong and the music so beautiful that I think it works. (The battle scenes are showing their age a bit, I think, but otherwise).