Referendum time

I don’t have a vote in the repeal the 8th referendum – I’ve lived outside Ireland for longer than 18 months, meaning I have lost my right to the vote. But my sister does have a vote, and has flown back from New York to use it – and in turn, I have flown back to see her.

So far, I have such gems as:

1. Trying to explain Excel/Word/computers to my father

2. Attempting to fix the WiFi

3. Trying to explain my mother that I can’t “just write a best-selling novel” though I do agree that yes, it would be very nice if I did.

4. Got into a dispute with an anti-choice campaigner, who seemed to feel I had a moral obligation to take one of his leaflets, since I’d taken one from the repeal campaign.

Tomorrow I’m going to see the new Star Wars film – not because I think I’ll enjoy it (it looks…bad) – but because it will take my mind off the referendum for a few hours.

(I know three different people who have votes…and aren’t using them. It is INFURIATING).