Your opinion on seeing people get nostalgic fo…

Your opinion on seeing people get nostalgic for that you were around for the first time, but they weren’t?

I’m not quite old enough for that to have happened much, I have to say, thank you so much!  Though I have noticed that in the last few years all the nostalgia works – Stranger Things, IT etc – are set in the 80s, rather than the 50s/60s/70s.

But my first real memory of anything political… or really anything in the outside world, is the fall of the Berlin Wall, shortly followed by Ireland making it to the 1990 World Cup and the release of Nelson Mandela, so… although I was born in the 80s, I think I’m really more of a 90s child.  (I have found it distressing to see 90s fashion, which was largely terrible, coming back into style, I must say).

It’s a strange thing, but a lot of the children’s films I remember watching – Now and Then, Stand By Me, ET – weren’t set in the present, but harked back to the time of my parent’s childhoods.  

That said, I’ve been slowly making my way through The Americans (slowly, because even for me, that show is grim), and it is strange to watch something set in the time right before I was born.  Because even from a very young age – say three or four – I was aware of the Cold War and nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union, even if I had almost no understanding of what those things actually were.  Which has made me think that that show in particular must be a very different experience depending on one’s age – even my older brothers, who can remember the 80s in a way I can’t, would probably understand it differently to how I do.