So you write great Dan and Amy fanfiction. I&#…

So you write great Dan and Amy fanfiction. I've loved every single one to slightly carrying degrees. Are there any Amy/Dan stories out there written by others that you've enjoyed, that you would recommend? Dish, if so!

I think I’ve read pretty much every Dan/Amy fic out there, almost all of them with great pleasure.  (There were one or two that got the characters wrong in my opinion, but not many).

I will however make a special note of safflowerseason’s fics on AO3 which I have both enjoyed and felt some serious writerly envy over.  They are very well written, and so close to my own conception of the characters that I’ve been slotting her 4.05-4.06 fic into Behind the Scenes – her’s is so well written (probably better than any of mine) that I don’t see the point of taking it on myself.