I’d LOVE to see you write a small fic or…

I’d LOVE to see you write a small fic or chapter of ‘Behind the Scenes’ with Dan and Amy with their kid sometime in the future and how you interpret it!

It’s probably worth mentioning… Behind the Scenes only exists around the show.   You could almost call it a series of headcanons, I guess, because the whole point of it is that (ideally) you should be able to slot the scenes it depicts into the show without any disruption.  I think there are one or two minor errors – mostly to do with Jonah, because 6.10 made it clear Amy and Selina only met him on their first day in the White House – and Selina thought he was cute – but it should by and large work.

In other words, you won’t get a scene with Dan, Amy and the kid in Behind the Scenes, until the child actually exists in the show and I have something to work with.  Which is not to say that it won’t ever happen (though babies don’t really develop a recognisable personality until three or four months old, in my experience).