I just got into the social media AU’s th…

I just got into the social media AU’s that are posted in the dan and Amy tag-and I saw 1 with their teen daughter having an Instagram with her post (srry I don’t remember who posted it) but I enjoy the idea of dan and amy having a teen daughter whose such a badass and dan being so protective over her and Amy being chill-I wish they would do it, there is so much great dialogue that cld come from it!!

I kind of picture Dan and Amy’s child ending up like the Natalie Portman character in Mars Attacks – rebelling by just… aggressively refusing to give a single fuck about politics.  Dan with a teenage girl that he has to parent would be a hoot for exactly that reason, as I don’t think he’d have even the faintest idea where to begin.

One of my favourite scenes in Friday Night Lights was Coach talking to Julie about boys, when he finds out she’s dating Matt (Coach is seriously one of my all time favourite male characters, I think both the writing and the performance are wonderful)… but imagine Dan trying to give that talk, and it becomes flat out ludicrous.

So, I agree, it’s a shame we’ll never see it, because it would be a lot of fun.  I feel like it would be well deserved karma for Dan to wind up with a daughter who is every bit as beautiful and charismatic and selfish and short-sighted as he was, and having to watch her fuck everything up as a result.  Especially if he surprised himself by feeling protective – I feel like Dan would know better than most just how many different ways men can find to abuse women.  

But unless they do a serious flash-forward (and with Reid Scott going grey maybe that would be easier than we think…) I doubt we’ll get much of a sense of what their son or daughter will be like.