Do you know the play You Can't Take It Wi…

Do you know the play You Can't Take It With You? Or maybe the 1938 Frank Capra movie version? I loved it wen I was a kid, then saw the movie in my 20s and hated it, wanted to blame Frank Capra for making it too focused on the male characters at the expense of the female ones. Then a couple of years ago I saw it on Broadway with James Earl Jones and Anna Chlumsky (kind of why I'm asking) and spent the whole time thinking how distinctly of the 1930s it is. Any thoughts on it?

I’ve never seen the film I’m afraid, and it’s not a play that’s been revived in London.  From what I’ve read about it though, I agree, it does seem like very much a cultural product of its time.  Frank Capra’s got one hell of a CV if wikipedia is anything to go by – nine films in total, but that includes It Happened One Night, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (which I also haven’t seen).  

James Earl Jones was part of one of the worst theatrical experiences I’ve ever had though – he played Benedick in Much Ado at the Old Vic and it was truly, truly terrible.  When Dogberry is the best thing in your production of Much Ado, something has gone badly, badly wrong.