Recently I’ve been rewatching Veep to he…

Recently I’ve been rewatching Veep to hell past the time of this hiatus and one thing I noticed is during the Vic Allen Dinner episode, Sue telling Amy that she’s eating too much and Amy immediately gets self conscious-then a few episodes forward at Catherine’s party Sue seems a tad bit excited for Amy to finally be with someone. I’m curious what you make of this ‘friendship’

It’s one of these dropped threads in the show, that I fear may not be picked up, unless Sufe Bradshaw is able to return in season 7. 

Because there is definitely a level of intimacy in the relationship that doesn’t exist for really anyone else.  In 4.10 Sue explicitly says that she “really likes” Amy, and she notices that Amy is upset and anxious just from watching her on TV.  Dan didn’t notice that, and he was in the room with her – and we know he knows Amy incredibly well.  

We also know that Sue prefers to keep her work and personal lives entirely separate – she got married without anyone she worked with even knowing about it, and she regularly expresses dislike for both Gary and Mike.  (But not Dan, oddly enough, though I think she finds him irritating).  She clearly doesn’t have any real loyalty to Selina, since she went to work for Montez straight-away.  

So, I can well believe that there was some degree of confidence between them – that Amy maybe talked to Sue about things in a way she didn’t do with the others.  It would certainly explain why Sue knew so much detail about Ed.  (Though not why she immediately blabbed all that information to Dan when he hadn’t even asked her about it… maybe Sue likes other people’s drama).

What’s more interesting is that…Sue doesn’t really fit the profile of people Amy is attracted to.  She’s very self-contained, she doesn’t tend to pursue people, she’s far too professional to waste time attempting to be charming, and she’s not someone who…sets people at their ease.  And yet.

I think that’s actually what makes her appealing.  Amy has a lot of people in her life who kind of pretend to be charming and are actually terrible – Selina and Dan, obviously, but it would also apply to Sophie – and Sue’s complete lack of bullshit makes her incredibly trustworthy.  Amy can always, always trust that Sue is telling her the truth.

It’s just that she can also trust Sue to deliver that truth without much in the way of softening, so… I’m not sure she’d confide in Sue about everything.