wecouldstillbegreat: So what happened with you…


So what happened with your Hartigan suicide pact?

Oh, we got fired.

Either Anna’s standing on a box in the final pic, or that is an incredibly low sofa – look at where her knees are relative to the seat…   Like, to the point, where I’m surprised Dan looks comfortable sitting on it.

(There’s some fuckery in the shots though – Amy is in front of and behind the wooden armchair, apparently simultaneously – so maybe they were attempting some kind of forced perspective to make her look taller).

Also, look how much Amy’s jacket is pulling across her chest – further proof that she doesn’t get them tailored.  It looks to me like Amy needs the jacket to be tighter at the waist and just a little broader in the shoulder, and possibly with more give in the bust – the next size up was probably much too big on her, so she went with the smaller size and hoped for the best.  

Women’s suits are generally more complicated structurally than men’s – male suits are supposed to be boxy and create a square shape (Dan and Mike’s suits are not substantially different in shape, although Dan’s are visibly better – tailored to his body, and properly ironed, among other things), whereas female suits have to deal with curves.  As a general rule, they only look good off the rack on women who are comparatively small-busted – the more dramatic a difference there is between a woman’s bust and waist measurement, the more difficult it is to get the suit to sit right.

It’s why Amy’s shift in later seasons is a clear sign that her confidence has improved – all the extra material, the boxy shapes, the dark colours, they help her to hide. (Note, we see something similar with Buddy at the start of season 6 – Amy’s covered up all the time, and she’s also wearing a lot of clothes – cardigans, blouses, skirts etc – notice how in the scenes with Dan where she seems at her most relaxed she’s usually wearing just a dress?).  They also turn her into Selina’s Mini-Me, something she grows out of – stylistically – as the show continues.  She’s still costumed with references to Selina, but less obviously so.

This episode does kind of illustrate why Amy doesn’t like to present herself as overtly feminine, mind you – Selina needs someone to take the fall for the miscarriage, and that puts Amy squarely in her firing line.  It’s easy to miss the first time you watch the episode, but Selina was effectively gunning for Amy the entire time – Amy can substitute for Selina in a way that Dan and Mike can’t, and it’s her femaleness that puts her in that more vulnerable position.  (In the exact same way that it does in season 6 with regards to Leon West – still my most hated plot point in the entire show.)