I’d like for Amy to run for Senate. Mayb…

I’d like for Amy to run for Senate. Maybe starting as a primary opponent set to move the incumbent to be more forceful on laws that do better to recognize non-traditional families needs and causes Selina’s dropped over the years. It could bring to the forefront how and why Selina’s disappointed her so many times over the years & let Dan know that she doesn’t feel tied to him. Then she actually wins, but all the other freshman senators seem awful, because it’s still VEEP.


I have a couple of thoughts anon, but let me say first of all – I think this would be a great watch. Anna Chlumsky is more than strong enough as an actress to character, and I think Veep could in some ways be liberated by focusing on a less high-stakes election. They could have some real fun with the absurdities of the process, especially if Amy was running in Maryland (which I understand to be so firmly democratic, on many cases the real election happens in the primaries – at least, that’s the impression I had from The Wire).

However, I don’t think we’ll get anything like this is in the show (so maybe you could write the fic?). On a structural level, since the show appears to be dividing between Jonah, Mike and Selina next year (though I’m assuming Mike will be pulled into the main storyline at some point – if only because I don’t think marooning Reid Scott in the CBS plot yielded quite the dividends they were expecting), it seems unlikely to me that they will have sufficient time available to do justice to a plot like that. Veep’s episodes are only twenty-four minutes long, after all, and in some ways…I think the show suffers when it becomes TOO plot-driven.

On a practical level, isn’t Amy a little young to run for the Senate? Particularly as she has no experience of being any kind of elected representative – I feel like there would have to be serious shenanigans happening elsewhere for the party to consider her as a serious possibility. (Admittedly, Veep has never given a single fuck about local political issues, so maybe it wouldn’t come up).

And on a character level, I have to say, I just don’t see Amy enjoying the gladhanding and wheeler-dealing of being a politician – Dan is a LOT better at that kind of schmoozing than she is, I think because he’s a natural extrovert. Amy seems like she would find it exhausting. Even Selina struggles with greeting several hundred people at a time at campaign events, and Selina actually likes being talked to and admired. Think of how badly Amy did the first time she had to go in front of the Congressional Committee – how well do you think she’d do in a debate when her opponent said something obnoxious or obviously untrue? (She did to better the second time round, to be fair, which I’m convinced is because Dan coached her).

Admittedly, Amy’s inability to hide her reactions, her complete lack of poker face, is something that COULD be turned into a political strength, though she’d need a more gifted campaign manager than any we’ve seen in the show so far to help her hone her message. She’s never going to have the smoothness of Selina, or Danny Chung, but there are other ways to succeed in politics (though the range of options is a lot narrower for women).

I like the twist of Amy not wanting a relationship with Dan because it would be a political disadvantage – though I think it would only work, comedically, if Dan WAS trying to have a relationship with her, and it was very much a hoist by his own petard situation. But I don’t think we have a clear answer yet on whether Amy does or does not WANT to be tied to Dan.

She may not think any kind of lasting bond is POSSIBLE – she may think he’s certain to abandon her and the child the first time he’s offered a more desirable opportunity – it would certainly seem that way from how she drops her pregnancy bomb and gets the hell away from him. However that’s Amy…assessing the possibilities based on past experience, it’s not really evidence of what she actually WANTS.

As in, Amy may well be managing her own expectations – wisely in my view (with how unreliable he is, she shouldn’t make ANY decision about whether to continue the pregnancy based on her expectations, negative or positive, of Dan) – and quite possibly not even letting herself THINK about the possibility of a supportive relationship, because she’ll only be disappointed. But with the way she jumped into a serious relationship with Buddy, I think it’s a safe assumption that she DOES want a partner.

Whether she wants Dan to BE that partner seems an open question at this point, though I think it’s more likely she does than that she doesn’t.