Behind the Scenes *masterpost*

Just in case you wanted to read the whole thing in chronological order.  Obviously, it hasn’t been written in order, so hear and there details will slip (and there’s an egregious mistake in Chapter Four, where I have Amy realising about the text message screw-up much later than she did in canon… but I think it still rings true emotionally).  Sometimes the stories overlap in time, but I’ve tried to stick with what I think is the most sensible reading order. I will try to keep this updated with new chapters, as and when I write them.


1. Chapter Nine: Three Dates

2. Chapter Two: Thinking of You

3. Chapter Seventeen: All Grown Up

4. Chapter Twenty-Two: Belle of the Ball

Season One:

5. Chapter Six: Listening is Gold

6. Chapter One: Baby-Daddy

Season Two:

7. Chapter Five: While You Were Sleeping

8. Chapter Thirteen: The Wrong Remedy

9. Chapter Seven: Little Black Dress

10. Chapter Fourteen: Set Fire to My Tie

Season Three:

11. Chapter Ten: Comrades in Arms

Season Four:

12. Chapter Eight: Amish Prom

Season Five:

13. NEW Chapter Twenty-Three: Too Tired to Lie

14. Chapter Eleven: Nightcap?

15. Chapter Three: Three Times (though technically, this is a “What If?” and so doesn’t fall within the timeline)

16. Chapter Twenty: Ignorance is Bliss

17. Chapter Twelve: Love’s Opposite

18. Chapter Four: The Girl Who Came in From the Cold

19. Chapter Fifteen: And Then There Was One

Season 6:

20. Chapter Sixteen: What Doesn’t Kill You

21. Chapter Eighteen: The Appetite Alters

22. Chapter Twenty-One: Out of Her Shell

23. Chapter Nineteen: Where We Stop Nobody Knows

Updated, with a chapter on the first time Dan and Amy spoke in season 5.  Which was requested by @stephen-colbert, oh, many moons ago!  I swear I never forget / delete prompts.