Hi there, I don’t have a question but yo…

Hi there, I don’t have a question but your fics on Dan and Amy are beautifully written. They have helped me process my failed relationship/friendship/shitshow with a man I loved. He is not nearly as horrible as Dan but I pined for him as much as Amy did. Your work and commentary on the show has helped me recognize my self-worth and that I deserve to be loved openly and warmly with an attractive, interesting, and kind man. Fuck my friends who say I should lower my standards. Lots of love from TX.


Dear anon, I’m so sorry that happened – many of us have been there, and it feels awful.  I’m also glad that your man was not as terrible as Dan, because no one deserves that.  

I think that’s half the reason the Dan-Amy storyline sucks people in, because hasn’t everyone had that one terrible man (or woman) that they really should try to get away from, and yet…  In that sense, Amy’s attraction to Dan is extremely relatable, I think.  

For the curious – yes, I too have had a bastard boyfriend.  He wasn’t quite as awful as Dan, but he also wasn’t far off.  I’m well past pining for him, thank goodness, but I do sometimes worry that I’ll never feel that kind of connection with someone else.

However, I also know that some things simply cannot be faked, and pretending otherwise just leads to heartache down the line.  I’m truly glad that my stories helped you realise that too.  

(I assume TX is Texas?  Everything I know about Texas I learned from Friday Night Lights – I hope it’s all (or mostly, minus the racism) true).