I really want to meet Dan’s family this …

I really want to meet Dan’s family this season…we’ve already seen the brand of awful that raised Amy but I want to know what made Dan, well, Dan. P.S please show us his brother (*hint* Ben Feldman *hint*) P.P.S Dan’s brother’s probably a pretty stand up guy


Ben Feldman is a great fancast for Reid Scott’s brother – there is a truly uncanny resemblance between them (I think it’s the shape of their eyes and eyebrows, but either way, it’s weird to see in two unrelated people), though I’d say Ben Feldman is pretty, as opposed to Scott who is more classically handsome.  But he’s on a long-running sitcom, so who knows if he’d have time to do a guest spot on Veep.


Meeting Amy’s family was extremely revealing.  Her ongoing devotion to Selina makes a hell of a lot more sense when you know how awkward and out of place she’s made to feel by her family – Selina values Amy’s drive and intelligence, the very things her family seem to find off-putting (the most at ease we’ve seen Amy be, probably ever, was in that episode in season 1 where she and Selina sit and have tea together).  In addition, I think that Amy’s mother being such a sweet (albeit oblivious) woman, also makes Amy’s more…romantic yearnings fall into place a bit.  She may do her level best to stamp them down, but they are there all the same.

On the other hand, the scenes where we met Gary’s family do not fill me with confidence.  Because there really wasn’t anything new there – I don’t feel we learned anything about Gary that we didn’t already know, and sometimes leaving things implicit is the stronger artistic choice. I’m not certain meeting Dan’s family will be revealing in the way people expect – there are really only two ways for it to go.  Dan’s parents can only be good or bad – there isn’t exactly a middle-ground there – and… I’m not sure Selina’s freudian excuse made her more interesting as a character.  (To be fair, I found her more interesting, when the second reveal about her parents – that her mother was so much better than she’d understood – came along, but I don’t think the show has time to construct such a reveal for Dan).

However, I do tend to think that meeting a character’s parents is just about the most important information we can get about them, and we know less about Dan than any other main character on the show.  We’ve met Ben and Mike and Jonah’s families, we know a fair bit about Kent’s personal life, whereas Dan… we know he has parents, we know he has a brother, and (judging by the conversation with his mother in 4.05) we know he has a sister / sister-in-law.

And that’s really it – we don’t know anything about their characters, we don’t know how Dan feels about them.  Amy’s a far more…filled-in character, by comparison.  Precisely because he has so few meaningful attachments, I suspect Amy is far more central to Dan’s emotional life than he is to hers.  (I’m not convinced it’s healthy for Dan to have only one meaningful emotional bond in his life – but so long as he has Amy’s undivided attention, it doesn’t seem to bother him in any serious way).

But it would be odd, surely, for Dan’s parents not to meet their grandchild, so I’d say we’re more likely than not to meet them in season 7.