Baseball Buddies


30 Days of Domestic Fluff

Day Seven- Exercise

“Are you ready for baseball practice Mase?”

The little boy nods enthusiastically as Amy finishes packing his snack in the blue lunch bag. “Can I have Ice Cream?” he asks looking up at Amy with the blue pleading eyes he inherited from her.

Yep. Mason is definitely her son. As if it wasn’t obvious enough already. She chuckles to herself and zips up the bag, “Let’s ask Daddy if we can get some after-and if he says ‘no’, we’ll still get some anyway.” she whispers the last part to the child who smiles brightly.

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This reminds me – I have a headcanon that Candi Caruso sincerely likes Amy and wants to be proper friends, because let’s face it, it’s tough being a pretty, young woman in politics, and she has just no idea that she’s sticking knives into every one of Amy’s deep-seated insecurities every time they talk.  Not only that, she’d probably be horrified if she did know.

In other words, I am certain that Candi is going to show up pregnant in season 7, and her pregnancy will be going smoothly, and her partner will be delighted, and President Montez will be going out of her way to be supportive, and it will feel, to Amy, like the universe is conspiring to make her feel worse by forcing her to meet someone who has everything she wants, and who everyone else (including, quite possibly, Dan) agrees is the younger, hotter, more charming version of Amy.