Here’s a kind of scenario that I would l…

Here’s a kind of scenario that I would like to see happen: someone (I kind of hope it’s Selina, but I’m not sure that makes sense) makes a joke about Amy “baby trapping” Dan, to which he replies that she didn’t do that, but despite not thinking it was possible, he feels like he “baby trapped” her. This gets followed by some explanation of the relationship over the years from his point of view and it visibly horrifies whoever made the joke.

Yeesh. That’s all a bit too “I have you now, my pretty” for my taste.

I take the point anon, because as unlikely as it might seem, that kind of is what happened. Dan is generally the one making an effort to maintain the relationship and keep Amy in his life, however effectively he may cloak his actions with the excuse of professional self-interest. (This makes their relationship seem more uneven than it actually is; when Amy feels secure, she too takes steps to keep Dan around – see the beginning of season 5 – it’s just that she mostly DOESN’T feel secure).

So, I can totally believe Dan FEELING that way, and even on some level he won’t acknowledge being grateful for the pregnancy, because it ties Amy to him for life. She can’t, for instance, go running off to Nevada or California without warning him (and thus giving him the opportunity to pre-empt her). But there is a difference between Dan feeling something – which after all, he may have limited control over – and allowing that feeling to guide his behaviour.

At the least, I would hope he’d have the common sense not to EXPRESS those feelings to anyone else, because they’re gross. And in another show, I’d be confident that if he DID express them he would be immediately chastised, but in Veep it’s hard to be sure that would happen.

Seriously, Dan’s possessiveness has been entertaining as hell, largely because the show has always depicted it with a fairly light touch, but it’s also completely reprehensible. Not to mention creepy.

She isn’t a toy for him to play with, she’s a woman who deserves love and respect from her partner. And I know Veep has always been pretty grim in how it depicts male-female relationships (at least with Dan and Amy there genuine respect and affection is part of the dynamic, which is more than can be said for most of the other couples), but I’d rather they didn’t make Dan and Amy’s endgame a complete horror show.

Dan already has unfortunate…tendencies in how he relates to Amy – I’d rather the show had him correct those (somewhat) than lean into them further. I imagine Reid Scott could play him being borderline abusive, perhaps unnervingly well, but I’d really prefer not to see it.