What if Amy's mom doesn't actually l…

What if Amy's mom doesn't actually like Dan, and all the nice things she's said about him are actually an attempt to get Amy to stop beating herself up about however used she felt? "What she says "favorite morning host" but she means "He's charming, I get what happened." Which of course comes out with the pregnancy reveal, forcing Dan to see that Amy has been hard on herself about other guys she's dated, and that their relationship is more influenced by those than he like to think about.

I…don’t think Amy’s Mom knew what had happened with Dan, prior to the show.

That’s the only way her behaviour makes sense to me – she’s oblivious, but not actively cruel. If Amy had told her that Dan used her to advance his career, that (and this is as far as Amy knows) he was never interested in her to begin with, would she REALLY be so welcoming towards him, let alone constantly talking him up to Amy?

I feel like in that scenario even an averagely-caring parent would disapprove (hugely) of the person who’d treated their child so disrespectfully.

And Amy’s parents do seem caring. Oblivious, yes, insensitive, yes, lacking in understanding of Amy’s emotional needs, definitely, but caring all the same. They want her to be happy – that’s why they seem to put pressure on her regarding relationships and children – the pressure is coming from a place of affection, not malice.

I think Amy’s mother, in particular, is operating from limited information regarding Dan.

What I imagine happened is that – as usual – Amy’s parents were asking if she was seeing anyone, and/or Sophie was making fun of her for being perpetually single, and she fired back with something of the lines of “well I AM dating someone, and he’s handsome and funny and HE loves talking about work.” Remember how giddy Amy was telling Selina about Buddy – I think it would have been obvious to her parents that she really, genuinely liked Dan, that she was half in-love with him already. She wouldn’t have been able to conceal it.

Of course relationship ended, and we know Any was hurt. But would she have told her parents HOW it ended, that Dan had fooled her into thinking he was interested when he was callously using her? I really, really doubt it. It’s a humiliating thing for her to acknowledge to herself, let alone other people, and especially so if she’d rambled to her parents about how much she liked him.

So as far as Amy’s Mom knew, Amy met someone, fell for him because he was so wonderful, and then the relationship ended, mysteriously.

I’d be willing to bet that her mother assumed the problem was AMY – that she’d been too focused on her own career, that she hadn’t been willing to make time for Dan, and that she’d made a mistake in ending the relationship and got her heart broken.

Her behaviour towards Dan in 2.02 makes a hell of lot more sense that way – she’s not wilfully embarrassing Amy, she’s trying to show Dan that actually Amy DID care about him, that she’d regretted the break-up, and maybe he should give her another chance.

It may not have been until Dan slept with Sophie that the bubble was burst, and Amy’s parents began to understand just what kind of person he is. Her Dad, at least, seems to have started to cop on to the fact that Dan is actually pretty terrible.

Given that the one thing Amy’s parents are consistent about is that they don’t see enough of her, that her career takes her away too much, there may well be some anger towards Dan (and Sophie) for everything that happened in season 5. If they’d acted like decent human beings Amy almost certainly wouldn’t have left for Nevada.

As for the “you’re my Mom’s favourite couple” line, I think there’s maybe more going on there than is apparent – because it is a WEIRD thing to say, on the face of it. Since Dan only started working on CBS This Morning at the beginning of season 6, there’s a fairly narrow window in time when Amy and her mother could have discussed it.

And I’m willing to bet it was after Amy left Buddy – that it was a subtle (perhaps too subtle – this is Amy we’re talking about) attempt to discover what Amy’s feelings were about Dan. Because Amy’s parents were almost certainly exposed to Amy-and-Buddy as a couple, and Buddy was so dreadful, in so many ways, (and Amy so obviously uncomfortable around him), that he would almost HAVE to make Dan look good. Like, at least Dan made Amy laugh, you know?

Who knows how her parents will feel about the pregnancy – I feel like they know enough, at this point, to have some pretty negative feelings about Dan and how he’s treated Amy in the past, so I wouldn’t expect a welcome with open arms…but who knows how much time the show will be willing to spend on that next year?