If you’re still doing the top 5 thing th…

If you’re still doing the top 5 thing the 5 moments where Amy should have definitely slapped dan

I’m not sure I can limit it to 5.

1. 5.03 in the “I had sex with your sister” scene.  The way Amy’s chin wobbles as she tries to hold in her feelings is horrible to watch, and it’s even worse that Dan clearly knows she’s upset and goes there anyway, because apparently his being rejected even once trumps Amy’s genuinely hurt feelings.  SLAP

2. I could fill this whole list with moments from 1.02, because he is so obnoxious all the way through it.  Blowing kisses at her: SLAP.  The “still tracking my every move, I thought we agreed to move on.”  SLAP.  The faux-apology, complete with a comment about her weight?  SLAP SLAP SLAP

3. 1.06 – again, an episode with a wealth of moments when he deserved it, but I’m going to go with “My first thought was there goes your figure.”  

4. 6.03 – not that it’s possible for Amy to slap him during a down-the-line interview, but he definitely deserved one for that “much younger woman” comment. (Dan is particularly slappable all the way through season six mind you – without Amy’s influence he reaches peak-insufferability).

5. 4.04 – the bar scene, with his faux-innocent “Did you think I was going to ask you something else?” – though I would also have accepted Amy throwing her drink in his face and storming out.

You know the funny part?  I haven’t even mentioned what I had previously considered the peak of Dan-deserving-a-slap moments, his smug little grin in 1.05 when Amy yells at him.  Or the way he grabs her in 4.06 when she’s melting down in the carpark – the police were absolutely right to step in, because Amy being angry is no excuse for Dan to get all grabby-mac-manhandling.  Or his attempt to calm her down in 2.08 (though, the TV producer Amy was dealing with wins the No-Prize of being even more odious than Dan, which is impressive in a terrible way – I almost feel sorry for that actor, as he really does have one of the most slappable faces… it really shows in Westworld).

I think I could go on for a while here…