I already have a head cannon for when Amy goes…

I already have a head cannon for when Amy goes into labour if they choose to show the pregnancy on the show… Amy breaks her cold facade and just screams dan faints Gary is crying Ben just walks out Leon becomes 1000x creepier and Kent is the only one who’s useful because he’s a doula A mess™️ tbh

Amy’s “cold facade.” When has she ever been able to maintain such a thing for longer than five minutes? Her reactions are invariably written all over her face, poor thing.

More seriously, I think the one thing that is guaranteed is that Amy will spent at least part of her labour with the someone who is one hundred percent certain to stress her out and make everything worse.

In other words, I think we know when Sophie will be returning to the show.

In fairness, that’s a worst case scenario, and there are other characters who could be used in that way – Jonah or Catherine, or, if they really want to wind Amy up, Richard. The combination of his incompetence and tendency to spit random factoids at her will almost certainly cause her to boil over. Kent actually seems like he’d be one of the better options, because he’d (presumably) stay calm, having been through the process before, and wouldn’t annoy Amy by panicking, the way Gary or Mike would.

I mention this, because putting Amy with someone who makes her labour infinitely more stressful creates an opportunity to make Dan look like an actual human being when HE arrives and gets rid of them. And we’re going to need at least some moments of Dan being unequivocally on Amy’s side if they want us to buy in to the story.

I’m not saying the show will do this…but if they do, you heard it here first.