Amy’s apartment, Kissing Your Sister



It’s a small thing I noticed, but look at the picture behind Amy when she does the interview with Catherine:

That’s a large print of Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville:

It’s an interesting choice of decoration for Amy – it’s one of the most overly ‘romantic’ images of the twentieth century, and she’s using it to decorate her home.  (Though, given the stack of frames at the side of the shot, it’s almost surprising it’s actually on the wall).

I’m not knocking her taste by the way – there’s a reason it’s an iconic shot – but it’s an interesting choice.  Amy’s trying to control her image all the way through this interview, and still manages to blatantly give away the nature of her feelings for Dan, though she doesn’t realise it herself.  

She’s almost giddy in the next episode when she’s talking about Buddy, so I think it’s fair to say that, as unexpected as it might seem, Amy Brookheimer is a bit of a (deeply) closeted romantic.

Great observation, I didn’t catch that!

Yes! I always thought that Amy was somewhat of a romantic. Anna mentions that with Buddy, she gave it the old college try. 

I think it’s interesting that in the original pilot script, Amy was surprised when Dan remembered taking her to Citronelle, which is a top French restaurant in D.C. Granted, Dan tells her it’s his “regular second-date, pre-sex restaurant” because, of course lol.

I don’t consider the original scripts canon (thankfully because Dan’s line to her in 5×10 kinda crushed me) but I wonder if they discussed that part about their backstory. Also, I don’t know why, but I always thought Amy had sort of an affinity for Paris. 

Also, props to the prop department again. Have you thought about tweeting the set decorator? I think she’s a D/A fan 😉 Hopefully we can get some insight from her if you catch something like this while they’re filming or when the show airs.

Being a writer myself, I think it’s very unfair for a work to be judged by things that were cut out of it – usually for good reason – so I’ve never read any of the original scripts. (For the same reason, I was quite irritated by people who treated Go Set A Watchman as though it…revealed something we’d all missed in To Kill a Mockingbird. It seems so unsporting).

The detail about the restaurant seems like the kind of thing that was deleted for time, rather than being out of character though (I can absolutely imagine Dan saying that, as it wouldn’t even break into the top ten of his most awful lines).

I have occasionally wondered though if part of the reason Amy was so angry with Dan about the McCauley amendment fuckery was that it meant her trip to Paris was cancelled. (A season one oddity perhaps, but it seems strange that neither Mike or Dan was scheduled to go on that trip – you’d think Selina would want at least one press person with her, and I’m fairly confident Amy isn’t one).

But, Amy being fairly serious about Buddy was always my working assumption – she’s never been emotionally manipulative in the way Dan is, and I just don’t see her being able to fake an attachment to someone for any great length of time. For all Buddy was oblivious, it seems unlikely that a weak actress like Amy could fake it for long enough that he’d go ahead and propose.