Amy’s apartment, Kissing Your Sister

It’s a small thing I noticed, but look at the picture behind Amy when she does the interview with Catherine:

That’s a large print of Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville:

It’s an interesting choice of decoration for Amy – it’s one of the most overly ‘romantic’ images of the twentieth century, and she’s using it to decorate her home.  (Though, given the stack of frames at the side of the shot, it’s almost surprising it’s actually on the wall).

I’m not knocking her taste by the way – there’s a reason it’s an iconic shot – but it’s an interesting choice.  Amy’s trying to control her image all the way through this interview, and still manages to blatantly give away the nature of her feelings for Dan, though she doesn’t realise it herself.  

She’s almost giddy in the next episode when she’s talking about Buddy, so I think it’s fair to say that, as unexpected as it might seem, Amy Brookheimer is a bit of a (deeply) closeted romantic.