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Fellas, we shouldn’t have a problem working to preserve a certain kind of American identity.

Interesting (or not, I guess) that Amy didn’t get food.  All the men have full plates in front of them, but she seems to only have a coffee.  (I admire her will power, because Dan’s chips are right there…)  Also, Dan having his arm up like that is kind of weird… it’s like he wants to put it around Amy, or get close to her or something, except she’s way too far away for that.

This scene is so depressing to watch from the vantage point of 2018 – remember when a border wall with Mexico was treated as too stupid to be worth discussing?

Great observation. Dan’s having a burger and fries, O’Brien’s having ribs, and it looks like Jack is having steak? Those are hearty meals and Amy’s just having a black coffee (according to Anna), so there’s not even any sugar or cream. I love that the cast actually ate that food for real. Anna and Reid said that the fries were really good lol.

Dan has major heart eyes in the sixth one. He looks so impressed. Him wanting to get close to her is the complete opposite of her wanting to be nowhere near him earlier in the episode lol. 


Is it weird to say I’m glad Anna at least got to try the fries? But yeah, when you look at what the men are eating, her little coffee seems even sadder. Not to mention that she risks undermining her own assurance that a proper negotiation will happen by seeming to want to get out of there ASAP.

I think Amy has something of a sweet tooth – so my head canon is that she REALLY wanted ice-cream or a slice of pie or something, and couldn’t order it because then they wouldn’t take her seriously.