Pre Dan x Amy, what was the last ship that you…

Pre Dan x Amy, what was the last ship that you felt this passionate about?

You know, I’m not sure?

A lot of the shows I really like don’t really lend themselves to that kind of engagement.  As in, I loved Slings and Arrows (to the degree of coming up with a drinking game that was downright dangerous), and I never miss an episode of Game of Thrones.  I devoured Mad Men and I was evangelical about Parks and Recreation (I got my mother and sister to watch it – as a direct result my sister was able to make me watch Westworld and The Crown, both of which irritate me).  I’ve talked about The Thick Of It a lot, but no one, ever, would ‘ship someone on that show with any degree of seriousness – and Josh and Donna were a long time ago!  (Also, my older, more feminist-inclined self finds Josh kind of gross).  I can also legitimately claim to have been into The Wire before it was cool (The Wire is the only show I can claim that about), and I loved BSG, but I spent more time hoping people wouldn’t die than anything else.  (Every time I see Micheal B Jordan it still hurts – Wallace)

Maybe, Dan and Blair in Gossip Girl.  Their scenes actually brought me back to watching the show after I’d given it up for good.  (I know lots of people love Blair and Chuck, but everything about how they wrote them after the first season bothered me).  Admittedly, Gossip Girl then did everything it could to destroy my limited good will by having Chuck physically assault Blair, and turning Dan into Gossip Girl, which made his relationships with Blair and especially Selina so damn creepy.

I was really rooting for Jess and Nick on New Girl, right up to the break-up.  It’s not that I didn’t find the break-up in character or believable, necessarily (though the lack of tension afterwards felt extremely questionable), it’s that it made the following seasons seem like an exercise in delaying their inevitable reunion.