If the writers were to introduce a love intere…

If the writers were to introduce a love interest for Amy in the next season who would you like to play said person (I’m personally partial to Jesse Williams because like wow that’s a man that can give Reid Scott some competition)

Can Jesse Williams do comedy?  Because while he’s clearly a very beautiful man (those eyes), the ability to deliver Veep-style dialogue is pretty crucial.

More to the point, I think how the actor looks is actually the least important factor.  There was a twitter thread recently about the crucial skill for an actor in a romantic-comedy role is to look at his love interest in the right way.  If he gets the gaze right, the audience will buy the romance, even if the actor doesn’t look like an Adonis.

In other words, Veep totally could have cast Matt Oberg as a believable long term love-interest for Amy, if they’d wanted to.  It’s all in how they construct the character.

Now, any serious love-interest for Amy is going to have to be…reverse engineered from Dan himself, as her attraction to him is one of her longest-running character traits.

And…are Dan’s looks the main thing that attract Amy to him?  I don’t actually think so.  I think it’s more fundamental than that – I think it’s that she can be absolutely herself with him. Dan doesn’t criticise or judge her for being antagonistic, abrasive or tightly wound – he’s clearly aware of those traits, going by things he’s said over the course of the show, they just don’t bother him in any real way. 

Seriously, is there anything Amy could say to Dan that would shock him, or make him not want to be around her?  I can’t think of anything.

So with that in mind, I think an alternate love interest would need to have that trait plus some that Dan has only rarely shown.  Imagine a love interest who gave Amy that acceptance and was open and honest about his attraction to her (in the way Jonah has always been only, you know, not gross).  Or even more so, a love interest who displays genuine warmth.  (To be fair, Dan has shown flashes of this, but only flashes).   

You know the way Ben uses his “Grumpy Uncle Ben” persona to political effect?  Imagine someone who had the ability to convey sincere warmth and genuine attraction to Amy and could match her political dedication – that’s the kind of love interest that could be a real threat to Dan (maybe add in Ed’s ability to deliver unexpectedly devastating one-liners, for extra punch). 

As I’ve said before, I tend to doubt that they will introduce an alternative love interest, but that’s how I would write it.

Mind you, talking about an actor who can convey warmth does make Michael Huisman spring to mind, but, again, I don’t know if he has the comedy skills he’d need (he got off a few good lines in Game of Thrones, but Veep is a different beast).  And, he’s purty too: