If were talking about what Dan and Amy’s…

If were talking about what Dan and Amy’s kid potentially look like I think the blonde little girl in the Instagram AU’s is a good one-especially in the one au post where its her birthday and dan takes her to the jewelry store and makes a post about it

I agree with you on that – there’s a slight facial resemblance to Anna Chlumsky that makes her a particularly good match.  Though I do find it…entertaining that all the suggestions I’ve seen for potential Dan/Amy offspring have been little blonde girls.  It’s that weird thing that shows up all the time in fiction of daughters resembling only their mothers or sons their fathers, when, you know, genetics don’t work that way.  (Also, babies don’t have freckles, freckles don’t develop until someone’s had at least a few years of sun exposure).

But don’t we all love @casliyn‘s instagram AU.  (I’d love to see behind the scenes pics of one or both of them on the campaign trail – assuming one of them runs for office).